There are an estimated 50 billion devices connected to the internet that mostly need updates.  These devices threaten your security and livelihood.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or if you have a device connected to the internet, your data, your device, and your property is merely a click away from evil people that will not hesitate to try and make a buck off you.  It’s time to start protecting your assets and I can help you do just that.

I provide both online and offline inspection and evaluation services designed to improve the security of your online data, secure your network, and devices.

Maintaining a secure cybersecurity posture requires constant attention to threats and updates to your systems and devices.

My threat hunting services include…

  • Various operating systems
  • Building and office inspections
  • Device evaluation, detection, and updates
  • Management and Maintenance evaluations
  • Social networking reviews and training resources
  • Network evaluations including most firewalls and VPN services.

With over 25 years of computer experience and providing secure internet services, I can make your data and your life more secure.

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