In the Beginning

The early days of the Internet were wild and free, a person could make anything and run it for free.  Everybody used desktop computers and laptops were called lugables.  there was a small list of problems everybody had to watch out for and we all had virus programs to scan our computers on a regular basis because then just like today, we didn’t know what was going to come around the corner next. Computers were the answer to getting rid of paper, saving trees, and automating anything.

Then one day a man called Steve Jobs* put us all on the information highway when he introduced the iPhone.  The world would start connecting everything imaginable to the internet to provide better service.  The app was born at the same time and developers all over the world responded with apps that people all over the world could use on their iPhone.  Then more new phones were developed using the Android OS and others creating another ocean of telephones.

Today’s Internet

Developers have created millions of phones and computers, IoT devices that listen to us in our homes, our cars, and respond to our verbal requests.  Medical records are all stored online and always available to our doctors and emergency staff when we need them.  Public services not only improved services but lowered expenses by installing computers and connecting them.  Farmers are now even dependant on Tractors that run using computers and are connected to the Internet.  Today every man woman and child has an Internet life even if they don’t know it and that data is bought and sold daily.  As I am writing this in 2020 there are now an estimated 50 billion devices connected to the internet.

*rest in peace Steve and thank you.